Vicky Mitchell

Feeling stressed? Overwhelmed? 


Are you ready to reduce your stress to improve your health?

Not only will I teach you how to accomplish this, I will also help you achieve three most important wellness goals for preventing stress and increasing joy in your life.

One important way to reduce stress

is your relationship with food

So many of us feel stress from our craving for food. In our private one-hour calls, I will show you how to change your belief that food is the enemy. I will teach you how food and your appetite are tools – tools that allow you to understand what your body is asking for. Instead of being stressed about your weight or your cravings, I teach you how to understand, accept and nourish your body.


For example, one of my body’s messages is to stay away from gluten and dairy, so I have been doing that since 2004. If your body is suggesting that you follow a gluten or dairy-free diet, I will teach you how to “hear” your body’s message, and coach you so that following your body’s direction will be as easy as 1, 2, 3.





Debbie Labinski

Phoenix, AZ

Vicky Mitchell is my Gift from GOD. I met her at healing retreat in Sedona, Az. We immediately connected on a soul level. I started out with 6 coaching sessions and I was beyond blown away by the ability that Vicky could tap in to my real needs even before I really knew what I was in need of. I am forever grateful for all of the coaching sessions I have had and continue to have with Vicky! She is a blessing to my life!

Linda Rodriguez

In the last few year, Vicky has helped me in understanding food allergies, food combinations, making the right food choices, exercises in helping relieve pain and discomfort and she has given me wonderful recipes, too. I am very grateful for her knowledge and experience in my journey toward optimal health.


Vicky is very knowledgeable and personable health coach. She takes the time to work one on one with you. She has turned my life around!

Bridget S.

I have only experienced a remote reiki session from Vicky Mitchell. I was instantly calmed and relaxed. She is very knowledgeable and intuitive. I would recommend her 100%.

Shanda Trofe

I’ve suffered from eczema on my hands for nearly twenty years, and let me tell you, I’ve tried ever cream, ointment and supplement on the market, not to mention costly doctor visits and prescriptions. It wasn’t until my coaching session with Vicky that I began to understand that not only were the types of foods I was putting into my body affecting my skin, but also my emotions were playing a role in my flare-ups as well. Not only was Vicky highly informative, but she went above and beyond even after our session to provide me with updated research and findings that might assist in my healing. Working with Vicky gave me a sense that she genuinely cared about me and my health, and her energy and cheerful outlook made the process enjoyable and fun to boot! If you have the opportunity to coach with Vicky, you will quickly see why this is not only her passion but also her purpose. She truly enjoys what she does and it shines through in her energy. To me, those are important traits to look for in a coach. Since connecting with Vicky I’ve been able to identify which foods do not agree with my body, and those that I need to avoid that contribute specifically to my skin condition. She has been a Godsend and I can’t recommend her services enough.

Thimgan Hayden

Owner / PICCOLOs Artsy Life, Thimgan Hayden Studio, and Creative Start Consulting

I met Vicky a number of years ago when our children were in a class together. I spent hours with her over the course of the year, and I can honestly say that she made an imprint on my life with her natural exuberance, positive mindset, and love of learning. We had lots of incredible, comfortable conversations. She’d bring in amazing healthy dishes to share with me and the other waiting parents, and freely share her stories about the ups and downs of her personal journey to wellness.