Want to Slow Down?

I have large amounts of energy and I am in constant motion. I often call myself a hop toad. That is just the way I am wired. For example, fidgeting helps me quiet my mind and focus. In contrast, sometimes I worry about getting everything done. I look ahead and worry about everything on my to-do list instead of what I am doing. Not only does this deplete my energy but I often feel like a hamster on a wheel never completing my desired tasks. Recently, I made one change to my daily routine and the results are amazing. I am learning that by taking five minutes in the morning to review my wish list helps me complete my tasks. By prioritizing, I slow down and focus, resulting in being more relaxed and accomplishing more. I simply give myself permission to prioritize my tasks and let go of worrying about finishing everything on my list. In addition, I delegate tasks to my husband and son. I let go of control and request they complete tasks their own way. I am pleasantly surprised that using a calendar to manage my list has taught me to trust that I don’t have to do everything and others are capable. This has helped me slow down and reduce stress.


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