About Rotation Diet Assistant

Bio-4Hi there! My name is Vicky Mitchell, and I’m living proof of the healing capabilities of a rotation diet!


In case you aren’t familiar, a rotation diet is one of the best ways to help you navigate multiple food allergies or sensitivities. It is a cycle of eating biologically related foods on the same day, and then waiting a few days (usually four or five) before eating those same foods again. A rotation diet can also help prevent new allergies or sensitivities from developing because the immune system has time to recuperate.


The concept has been around for years, but in those early days, tracking and maintaining a rotation diet was tricky. Previously, adhering to a rotation diet meant keeping copious notes and serious planning – until now.


Fifteen years ago, after suffering with gut and other health issues, I visited a doctor who specialized in healing the digestive system by managing food allergies. After a blood test confirmed my allergies, this doctor suggested I start a rotation diet, which I loosely followed and my symptoms improved. Years later, when blood work identified several food sensitivities in my son, we became committed to using rotation diets for us both.



The complexity was staggering! My son was already a selective eater with a limited menu. Now there were some foods he could eat that I could not, and vice versa, and a rigorous rotation schedule applied to us both. So, I made a chart and marked up our calendars extensively.


Eventually, this new routine became second nature, but as we deal with special events or life circumstances, we have to calculate what we can eat while we travel or in advance. Oh, the planning! But as we’ve healed, we have been able to carefully reintroduce many foods, so it’s been worth it.


I realized though that there has got to be a better way for folks managing these conditions to organize a rotation diet, so I assembled a team to develop the new Rotation Diet Assistant app for iOS and Android. It is an easy-to-use technological aid to those who rely on rotation diets, or have been unable to try a rotation diet because it had just been too complicated.

This app is the product of my extensive research towards making a rotation diet simple and primed for success. I know that these methods, which have helped to heal my family, will benefit others.



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