Do You Thank Your Body?

Happy November. When I think of November, I think of Thanksgiving. I love the emphasis of gratitude. During this season I often think of my blessings. You are one of them and I appreciate you and thank you for your time and effort. Yet, I often take my body for grant and forget to thank it for all it does 24/7 for me. Because of this, I will begin a new habit of thanking my wonderful body for everything it does. Would you like to do the same with your body?


May your month be filled with many satisfying celebrations.

Easy Do It Yourself Sunscreen

I recently got back from a fun trip out west. Since I am choosing to stay away from several items that my body is reacting to, I read several ingredients list. I could not find a premade one that I wanted to use. So I searched the internet and found an easy one to make. Not only was it very easy to make, it had a wonderful feel to it. You simply melt then slightly cool ½ cup of coconut oil. Then you mix in 1 – 2 teaspoons of Zinc Oxide. You want to make sure you use a non-nano, non-micronized and uncoated zinc oxide so it is not absorbed into your skin. Make sure you store in a jar with a lid. Click here to purchase my preferred brand of zinc oxide powder. To watch my Facebook live session that shows you how to make it, press here.



Until next time,

Love, light and laughter,


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Adjusting My Food Is Improving My Health

Just about two months ago I received my food sensitivity test results and I have removed my reactive foods from my diet.  I have had a couple of stumbles and ate some while dining out. Boy, was that a mistake.  A mistake is just a learning opportunity. I know that until my gut heals, that I will stay away from my reactive foods.  If I don’t, the rash becomes inflamed with intense itching. As the saying goes “nothing tastes as good as feeling good.”


Part of feeling good is focusing on the foods I chose to have and enjoying every bite of them.  I have learned that I like the taste of ground buffalo better than ground beef which is on my reactive list.  I am pleasantly surprised that I find ground venison to be mild and flavorful. I am also increasing my vegetable and fat intake. By feeding my body with foods it can process, I am turning down the inflammation dial and my body is balancing and healing. In addition, my body is shedding weight and my hair is getting darker.


Do you notice anything when you eat?


Until next time, love, light and laughter,



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