Playing Is An Important Key In My Healing

I am pleased to share that my skin inflammation is much better. The scales are gone and the redness and itching is greatly improved.   As discussed before I decided to use alternative and holistic approaches to healing my body. I am amazed by how God created a body that can heal by learning to understand its language and needs.


One such need found by my research and emphasized by my support team is stress management. Funny, I really never paid attention to my level of stress or my reaction to it until recently. I noticed that when I was reacting to stress, I was angry, frustrated, resentful, overwhelmed and tired. Often I stuffed my irritations and they showed up on my skin. When I slowed down and stopped worrying about getting everything done and pleasing everyone, my body relaxed and my intuition increased.


My gut was telling me I had to forgotten to play every day. I am now conditioning myself to take play recesses each day.  I love to laugh and it releasing stress reducing hormones.  I also take short dance breaks to fill up with joy. Yet, my favorite form of play is watching children playing and laughing. This brings a smile to my face and makes me giggle. By slowing down and doing things I enjoy, I reduce my stress and increase my gratitude and health.


Do you remember to play each day? If yes, what do you do?


Until next time, love, light and laughter,



With Each Step

With each step on this healing my rash journey I learn new information and how to forgive myself. An example of this was yesterday afternoon and night. You see, yesterday I went to a business luncheon. After I registered for the event, my first thought was just take the meal home and offer it to my husband. Instead, I called ahead and ordered a modified lunch to insure that it would be free from the foods my body is having a hard time processing. So yesterday when the dish was placed before me, it looked yummy. I began crunching every tasty bite for I was hungry. Then I noticed small cubes of red peppers which are one of the items on my moderate intolerance list. I thought, no big deal, and I picked the remaining ones out and finished the dish. I also made sure I drank at least eight classes of water during the day to help flush the food out of my body. I was doing great until six hours later when the rash on my arms became inflamed and really itchy. The itch was intense. I applied African Shea butter and ice to the areas and only received temporary relief. Off and on until 11 pm I was in pain. I was mad and frustrated. I started to emotionally beat myself up. I began negative self-talk statements like “I should have known better and to follow my original intuition and not eat the meal.” Then I justified my behavior by saying “I was able to pick stuff out and eat it before this rash.” I turned on the television to distract me and laid on my hands to prevent me from scratching. I finally feel asleep. This morning the inflammation and itching is reduced. Yet my eyes are puffy which is an indication that my digestion system is working on overload. Emotional my eyes are telling me I am having a hard time looking at this journey and making mistakes. Sleep and time has brought me a new perspective. The list below is just a few of the things I have learned:


  • Always follow you first gut feeling or intuition.
  • My body is still on hyper drive.
  • Eating the foods on my stay away list is not worth the reaction.
  • Do not go to events hungry.
  • I tested my threshold and it is very low.
  • Stop worrying about fitting in.
  • Be kind and gentle with myself…I tested and now I know and am not tempted to do it again.


With the ups and downs of this healing journey I become more aware of my self-talk, self-love and self-care. With each step of this trip, I am learning to increase my love and acceptance of myself, including my mistakes, by making all types of myself care a priority.

Itch Relief With African Shea Butter

Have you heard about raw African Shea Butter? After a couple of people suggested that I try putting some one my inflamed psoriasis like condition skin, I researched it. I found out the following positive attributes:

1. Many have been using it for along time for its skin supporting properties.
2. It nourishes the skin with vitamin A, B, and E and is a anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antiviral moisture sealer.
3. Not only does it promote collagen production but also soothes itchy skin.


So I decided to give it a try. Wow! What a relief! I found that if I put it on when I start itching it tingles for 10 minutes and then the itch goes away. I have also notice an improvement in my skin. It is less red and inflamed.


I would encourage you to consult you doctors before using it and buy a pure and raw source of it.


What are your itch reduction tips?


Until next time,

Love, light and laughter,
Certified Holistic Health Coach

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