Yes, I am coming out of hiding and declaring that I am a healer. My definition of this skill is I create a loving, affirming, supportive and judgment-free space where I channel universal love to you so you can activate your own healing. Whatever you are healing, I believe is a symptom/clue that your mind, body and spirit are out of balance. I have several tools that I share as I coach you.


Reiki is one tool that I will briefly discuss today. This technique originated in Japan and works with the energy in and around the body. Either you or your practitioner provides you with extra loving energy for your body to use. Your body will guide the energy to where it is needed.


Not only do I give Reiki to myself, but I also receive it from other people. Yes, it is powerful to take the time and nurture myself and receive support from others.


I encourage you to listen to your gut when selecting a Reiki professional. Just like doctors, stores, workout places, and massage therapists, there are many to choose from. Try the ones that your gut suggests. I always encourage my clients to listen to their intuition. Although I would be honored to be one of your Reiki practitioners, I would also recommend the following professionals: Debbie Labinski, Erica Hodgson, Giuliana Giuiano-Melo, Holly Milligan Greene, Kate Shipp, Megan Winter Moffitt, Melissa Corter, Michelle Evans, Sunny Dawn Johnston and Terri Wallace(For animal and humans).


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Until next time, love, light, and laughter.


Vicky Mitchell

Healing Coach

Pathway to Joy




Want to know the habit that I am releasing in 2017?

Happy New Year.

As I was reflecting back on 2016, I became aware of a habit that is no longer serving me. Notice that I was not judging of myself. There is a reason for the habit and it served its purpose. I am ready to release it with love.

This habit is not making drinking eight glasses a water a day a priority. On the surface it would appear that my daily schedule was too busy to take enough breaks to sip on this important life source energy.  Yes, the universe is telling me to slow down and take breaks throughout the day to nourish myself. Interesting that I know that I am depriving myself of enough water is a form of self-sabotage.  Why was I self-sabotage? What was I gaining? It allowed me to hide and make excuses for not sharing my gifts with the world. I am announcing that in 2017 I will be stepping out and spreading my gifts with the world. Come join me and I will empower you to make your self-care and self-love a priority.

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Until next time,

Love, light and laughter


Healing Coach


October Blog

I have a need to share my thoughts about a recent verbally bully situation I experienced. I was driving and speaking with a girlfriend on my cellphone using my hands free option. We were discussing verbal bullying situations that her children were going through at school. I was surprised when I received a second call. Because I expected it to be about the appointment I was driving to, I put my girlfriend on hold.  I answered the second call and was surprised.  It was another person who was angry and frustrated with our current situation. Even though he was rude and belittled me and my belongings, I remained calm which seemed to fuel his anger. I maintained my composure until he hung up. Because I was physically shaking, I pulled into a parking lot and parked. I took a couple of deep breaths and resumed my call with my girlfriend. I felt shell shocked and attacked and she listened to me. Being heard calmed me down. Off and on throughout the day I sought comfort by telling three more people. Each time I felt better, yet there were times when I cried over it. I am a recovering people pleaser and I could not figure out why it was still bothering me. You see I have been working very hard on responding and not reacting in situations. During this verbal altercation, I was very proud of myself. Yet I was still giving it energy. I discussed it again with Andrea Beaman, my health coach. She helped me identity that my red rash flair up on my right arm began when this situation started a week before and that the right arm is about material items and the male side of the body. Inflammation is anger. Yet, I still could not understand why I was giving it energy. That night I gained more clarity during a VIP Soul Food with Sunny mentoring call. She explained I absorbed his energy and kept feeling it.


When I review this event I have several thoughts:


  1. I find it very interesting that while my friend was telling me of her children’s situation with bullying, I put her on hold and had someone bully me.
  2. I was multitasking and doing two things at the same time-driving and talking.
  3. I took the second call putting my friend on hold. After the event I had a supportive person who comforted me.
  4. I was not fully present during both calls because I was driving.
  5. I did not think to pull over and just listen and call in more help from heavenly team.
  6. The bully wanted to be heard. Afterward, I wanted to be heard.
  7. I was in a hurry.


Additional insights:


  1. I am human and making progress.
  2. Part of observing is not holding other people’s energy.
  3. Release the intense energy then fill up with fun and joy.


My wish is that we become a more loving and peaceful society. I will be aware of and focus on loving and kind things around me. I will acknowledge and appreciate them. Sending peace and love to all. May you feel heard. You are love, loved and enough.



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