• Navigating multiple food sensitivities?

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heartDeveloping and managing your personalized rotation diet has never been faster and easier, thanks to the all new Rotation Diet Assistant iPhone app!


The Rotation Diet Assistant simplifies managing your personalized rotation diet – one of the best ways to organize and plan around multiple food intolerances! You will be amazed at just how simple it is to plan your rotation diet with your very own Rotation Diet Assistant doing all the work!


A rotation diet is a system of eating biologically related foods on the same day, and then waiting a few days (usually four or five) before eating those same foods again. A rotation diet can also help prevent new allergies or sensitivities from developing because the immune system will have time to recuperate between eating.


Previously, sticking to a rotation diet meant keeping copious notes and serious planning. With the all-new Rotation Diet Assistant, those days are over – this awesome app will do the heavy lifting!

App Features


  • Easy to organize your meals. Step by step, The Rotation Diet Assistant™ walks you through organizing and planning your personalized rotation diet. It’s effortless!


  • User friendly. Food groups and food families identified FOR you.


  • Easy to modify. Changing and/or adding foods to your personalized meal plan is easy to do with The Rotation Diet Assistant™.


  • Planning is a snap! Whether it is today, next week or next month, using the Rotation Diet Assistant makes knowing what you are scheduled to eat is a snap.


  • If you have your phone, you have your Rotation Diet Assistant™ and your personalized meal plan with you wherever you go.


The Rotation Diet Assistant lets you focus on management, not restriction.

Put your energy into living, instead of on your diet.

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