Vicky’s Picks

Here I’d like to share some of my favorite products, gluten-free info and natural health resources.

Dr. Tom O’Bryan and the Gluten Summit

Dr. Tom O’Bryan has brought together a wide variety of gluten free experts to help you understand and implement this lifestyle. Originally it was online and know you can buy the recording for your reference library. The information was helpful and increased my understanding of gluten, it’s impact on our health, how to stay away from it and many useful tips.


Today, Dr O’Bryan has organized the Gluten Summit. The Gluten Summit brings together 29 experts and opinion leaders gathered to prove to the world that it MUST ask, “Could health issues be caused by gluten?”


Healthcare professionals, patients and health enthusiasts can learn from the incredible wealth of information presented at The Gluten Summit by NY Times best-selling authors, world-renowned scientists and doctors, nutritionists and others!

View nearly 30 HOURS of multi-media interviews between Dr. O’Bryan and the world’s experts and opinion leaders on:

  • The “Godfathers” (Scientists) who discovered and researched these illnesses
  • The Clinicians who are diagnosing and bringing patients back to better health
  • The Dietitians and Nutritionists who are teaching us how to eat and feel better
  • The Gluten Summit is packed with so much information—answers you’ll need to start the conversation to determine whether gluten impacts your health—you’ll not only watch it once, but also keep it on hand for future reference!

Gluten Free Sourdough

Do you miss sourdough bread? After Sharon Kane realized she was highly sensitive to gluten and many other foods, she learned how to make sourdough gluten free breads. She sells her mixes, baked products,books, and also teaches about healing benefits of fermented foods. I enjoy her foods toasted.


Made from high protein Teff flour which easily lends itself to gluten-free sourdough baking.


All breads are assembled in my dedicated gluten-free facility and are free of gluten, dairy, sugar, eggs, soy, commercial yeast, starch flours, peanuts, and gums.

The Natural Cures Summit

Functional Medicine Doctor and nutritionist, Dr. Josh Axe organized a wide variety of people to explain and teach you natural cures to help you improve your health. Simple and easy to follow tips and 30 informative talks.

Check out Dr. Axe’s latest book!

Andrea Beaman

Andrea Beaman is a certified health coach and chef specializes in teaching you how heal your body with food and other holistic approaches. She is a thyroid expert and cured her own thyroid disease without surgery or drugs. She has helped me improve my health.


In addition to hosting the TV shows Fed Up! And Wise Up!, Andrea Beaman is frequently featured in a variety of respected media outlets as a celebrity chef, an expert in natural foods and a passionate holistic health advocate.


Reclaim your health today with Andrea Beaman. Harness the body’s own preventative and healing powers! Click here for more info.


Coaching with Andrea Beaman. Let Andrea show you how to take back control of your health. Click here for more info.